Currently all of websites that are hosted on a Shared HostGator plan is SUSPENDED.

There seems to be some sort of malware or something going down. If a hacker decided to get into my websites, no biggie. I’m not too fussed about it.

There were only a couple of important blog posts I wanted to save and look back on. Everything else is pretty easy for me to let go of.

The first one is a long blog post about why I was planning to move to Australia from Vancouver. It outlines my reasons and ultimate escape plan. Of course, I can try to re-create that but it was written with so much emotion so it may be hard to duplicate.

The second one I wanted to keep is a letter to my grandpa when he passed away. That one was important to me because I was close to my gramps and I just wanted to remember what exactly I wrote to him.

Of course, I do have the memories of the past but reading raw posts from the past is much more significant because it captures what our thoughts and emotions were during that particular moment in time.

I have been trying to contact HostGator via live chat, phone, and email and all of those methods are failing. The email address associated with my account is my old, expired university email so they cannot verify my identity. Oh god. I knew I should have updated my account details when I graduated…

Let’s just hope that this issue gets resolved in the next couple of days — it would be a shame to see all of my thoughts go down the drain.

Also, you may have noticed that I am updating via my old WordPress blog. Yes! It is the only channel I currently have to write and express my thoughts. If the websites do not get fixed, I will happily head back to to continue blogging here.

In fact, I will most likely blog more here as there will never be any hosting issues on this reliable site. Woot!

Hmm, I think my mom reads my blog posts so… hi mom!

Time for me to jet and drink some more Melburnian coffee. Talk soon!

xoxo, knd.