“Congratulations! You are now registered for the BMO Vancouver Marathon in the marathon.”

Despite the weirdo typo where it says “marathon” twice in the email… I OFFICIALLY SIGNED UP FOR THE MARATHON AS OF 10 MINUTES AGO and I’m slightly FREAKING OUT.

First of all, it’s waaaay past my bedtime (I’m usually completely out by 11pm since I’m quite a grandma). And second of all, I don’t even know exactly what I am feeling right now since I have already mentally prepared myself that I would be running this marathon.

Whenever someone would ask me whether I was training for a marathon, I would give a wishy-washy answer because I didn’t actually sign up for the marathon. The reason why I took so long to sign up was that I was afraid I would get injured during my training and not be able to finish the race. That fear was so strong and so big that I decided to not sign up until I was 90% confident I would be okay to run on May 3rd.

Now that May 3rd is fast approaching (11 more days!!!), I have a better sense of whether or not my body can handle the upcoming marathon. And the answer is YES!

I know my time won’t be as great as I wanted it to be since I skipped a ton of training days recently due to conflicting weekday work events, but I know I will be able to finish the race someway or another.

These next 11 days are essential to preparing for my race and I will do my best to eat healthy and get more runs in even though my schedule may be packed. I’m still REALLY nervous for the marathon but it’s a good kind of nervous… a mixture of excitement and nervousness all-in-one!

To everyone else who is doing the BMO Marathon or Half-Marathon, keep on truckin’!! Only a week and a bit left until the big day – best of luck to all currently in beastly training-mode!!