On February 15, 2015, AB and I officially finished our second half marathon!!! We ran the Pacific Road Runner & Mizuno First Half  on a gorgeous, winter day.


Training for this one was much harder than the first half marathon because it was during the winter season. Early mornings were completely pitch black and after-work weather was dark as well. It was hard convincing yourself how fun running was when there isn’t beautiful landscape to look at while you train. It was even harder to train during the month of November/December and even mid-way through January because it was holiday season!! I spent a good amount of time attending holiday parties and potlucks and completely ignored this thing called ‘running.’

But eventually, AB and I began to train together because we didn’t want to suffer from any potential injuries from the race.

When February 15 came around the corner, it was go-time! I was pretty nervous for the race but I knew if I kept a slow pace, I would be okay.

The Race

Instead of having a time to beat, my goal for this race was to complete it injury-free. I knew I didn’t put enough effort into training so beating my last time seemed unrealistic (I was REALLY disciplined during the fall season compared to the winter season).

One guy ran in an Elmo costume (very impressive!) and was going at a good pace, so I ended up trailing behind Elmo for most of my run. Then I decided to pass Elmo but before I took off I told him that he was AWESOME (anyone who wears funny costumes in long distances blow my mind!). Maybe one day I will be as crazy as those people to run a race in attire that’s heavier than my regular gym strip, but not anytime soon!

The Results

AB finished in about 2:04 and my official time was 2:02:22!!  Although it wasn’t better than my first half marathon, I am SO GLAD I got it over and done with. The best part was that my feet and ankles didn’t feel pain at all!!! It was slightly sore but nothing like what I felt during the final stretches of the first half marathon (my toes were getting crushed!).

Pacific Road Runner Mizuno First Half


The day after the race I was walking perfectly fine and a few days later I got back into the running routine. I was surprised that I wasn’t limping or dragging myself around – I guess once you have completed a couple of major races, your body gets used to it! I am very fortunate that I didn’t suffer from any feet/knee/toe injuries and am stoked for the next challenge.