Just finished 5.8 km with AB and I feel HORRIBLE.

Both of my calves were tensed up and didn’t feel smooth and the arch of my inner right foot was feeling like there was a pulled muscle there. Ugh, not the greatest run. And guess what? The “First Half” is in one.. two.. THREE DAYS!

I need to relax and tell myself that everything will be okay, despite my body not feeling so well.

Though I was excited for my first half marathon in October, I’m not as pumped up to run the one that’s coming up.

On the brighter side, tomorrow I will be heading to Forerunners to pick up my race package. Picking up race packages is actually one of my favourite things to do when I sign up for a race… as silly as it sounds. But who doesn’t like to get FREE STUFF and be surrounded by hearty and healthy people?! Okay, okay, the packages aren’t “free” since we all paid race fees to get into the event, but race packages are so damn cool… they’re like the adult version of a birthday party lootbag.

Anyway, getting my “loot bag” will hopefully raise my mood in running this half marathon. I really hope I figure out a way to relax my calves before Sunday, otherwise I may be one of those cranky runners on the course!