In just 5 days, I’ll be competing in the Pacific Road Runners First Half.

I’m slightly nervous for this half marathon because I did not fully train for the run, but trained enough that I know I won’t injure myself.

Last Saturday, AB and I ran 16 km, so that was our last long run before the race. My feet did not feel like I was dancing on clouds. In fact, a huge callus formed on my left pinky toe and a mini one formed on my fourth toe (is there a name for the second shortest toe?!). To add to that, the arch on my right foot was sore and my both feet felt very uncomfortable during the run.

Did I mention I was also wearing cotton socks during our VERY, WET run, which means they were completely soaked during the entire time?! Yeeeeah, it wasn’t as pleasant as my other runs but at least I pushed through and finished it!

This week I’m focusing on completing two shorter runs (both 5 km each). I’ve already done one yesterday night with Kat and the next will be on Thursday with AB. I’m not entirely sure how I will do on Sunday’s race but my goal is to just run it slowly and finish it without having to drag myself to the finish line.

Wish me good luck and please feel free to bring your wheelbarrow out to the race in case I decide to call you. 😉