I realized that it’s been a while since I have taken the time to actual write down and track my goals, so here goes!

  1. To pay off student loans by 2017
  2. To go on a 2-3 week trip each year
    My friend is heading to Delhi, India in November, so I’m thinking of joining her. My other close friend is heading to NY in a month, so I’m thinking of doing a mini weekend trip to visit him!
  3. To finish two half marathons in 2015 (And finish one under 1:45)
    Signed for the Pacific Road Runners Half and the MEC Vancouver Half. Didn’t exactly train enough for the first one but let’s see how I do… (it’s in less than 2 weeks!)
  4. To clean more around the house and be able to invite people over
    My 7-person house is forever a mess, so I want to help keep it organized. At least keep my room tidy 😛
  5. To start a running crew in Surrey
    Kat and I are in the process of starting a running crew in Surrey, BC. We are currently posting #werunsurrey Instagram shots under @werunsurreycrew and have scheduled Monday runs @ 7:30pm. We have no idea how what the turnout will be like but I’m excited to see what will happen with this!
  6. To love myself, so I can be able to love others
    You would think I would be a pro at relationships by now since I started dated at 17 but nope. Somehow I have managed to make it more complicated than it should be. Love is weird and strange. It comes and goes. It gets you excited and gets you pissed off. I really do not think I am destined to be with anyone because most of my relationships have crashed and burned. But it’s time I realize that I need to take a breather and not rush things. Love is patient, and that is my goal for the year – to keep things slow and work towards becoming a better me before getting involved with another relationship.
  7. To appreciate life and not worry about the little things
    I have to learn to take my own advice and stop worrying about every little detail. “Difficult life choices” are much easier than people really think, so I want to stop overthinking trivial things and start focusing on the bigger picture. I also need to stop taking EVERYONE’s opinion into consideration and start to learn how to filter the good stuff only.

Welp, those are my goals for now.

I plan to stick with the above and provide updates when I can. Thanks for reading and feel free to share your goals with me too (it helps keep us both accountable ;)).