So I thought my half-marathon was on the last week of February but I recently received an email reminding me that it is on February 15!!!

Half Marathon Reminder

I immediately thought, “Oh, shit,” and realized I only have 6 more weeks to train!!

The entire month of December was spent stuffing my face with turkey, chocolates, and everything Christmas-y, so it’s now to cut the crap out of my diet and FOCUS. I purposely chose to live the happy and fat life because it was the holidays, but now I’m not too sure if it was a good idea that I had entirely cut out my exercise regime as well.

Even my mom noticed that I was putting on weight – ouch.

Although I trained for my last half-marathon in only 6 weeks, my running partner and I agreed that our training was a bit rushed and it might have been better to start, perhaps 8 weeks from the start date.

Oh well, can’t turn back time now! Next week will be officially Week #1 of this training season – eep. Wish me good luck!!