This is a strange dilemma that I deal with on a weekly basis.

Ever since coming back from my trip from Europe, I have been spending my Friday and Saturday nights partying and staying out late, whether it is for a friend’s birthday party or simply a weekend celebration. Although it is great to catch up with friends and have an amazing night out, this kind of defeats the purpose of me wanting to be in optimal conditions when I go for my runs the next morning. The weekend runs are also the longest runs (~10-16km) for the week, so I should be sleeping earlier than I usually do throughout the week.

However, I make excuses to not prepare myself for these runs and end up siding with the more fun activity instead. I tell myself I will only dance for a little bit, only consume a couple of drinks, and not stay out too late, but these “goals” of mine are rarely achieved. I end up leaving the night with a dent in my bank account, having to take a 35-minute taxi ride home due to failed attempts at catching the last skytrain, and significantly screwing up my sleeping schedule. I wake up the next morning feeling groggy and having to postpone my run to a few hours later so I can sleep a little extra and eat a decent meal before I head out.

Fortunately I haven’t experienced any horrible running episodes, only a slight headache or stomach ache after those late nights, but otherwise the runs are quite manageable.

But how long will I be able to keep up this contradicting lifestyle? 

I know if I continue to do what I have been doing, my body will feel the negative consequences and eventually turn into mush.

As much as my extroverted self wants to say “yes, yes, yes!” to partying and dancing the night away, I think it’s finally time to let that go and focus on living a healthier and better lifestyle. I don’t want to have a crappy run when I know that could have been prevented. I want to work towards being a better person, athlete, and runner. Plus, I know my wallet will thank me in the long run as well.

Wish me good luck on this new decision! I know I won’t completely cut off all of these social events, but reducing them and preparing for my weekend runs is a step towards being a successful runner.


How do you deal with this partying vs. running dilemma? Let me know in the comment sections below!