Run 2

Today Andrew and I ran along the seawall from Coal Harbour to a bit of Stanley Park.

We both ran the same route and used Strava to record our runs but had different results!

Andrew – 5.1 km (distance); 5:13km (pace)

Kim – 5.6 km (distance); 4:51km (pace)

According to these results, it says that I’m the faster runner when in reality I was behind him the entire time (about 5-10 m in distance). We weren’t really sure who had the more accurate data but since mine was on “High Accuracy” for the Location Services, we assumed my time and distance was most likely correct.

The weather was really nice to us – a bit misty with light rain – perfect weather to run in! My right leg felt pretty tight so I tried stretching it out as much as I could after the run. We started the run faster than usual (because Mr. Andrew here decided it would be fun to sprint the first dozen metres or so) so I was already out of breath. His pace was faster than mine so I tried my best to keep up. It is strange how he is getting better at running because I used to be the runner out of the two of us.

Overall, great work out. Run #2 … COMPLETE.