First Run

Photo Credit: Andrew’s Strava

Today was our first day of half marathon training! We aimed to go for 10km but somehow it ended up being only 9.40 km despite us turning around at the 5km mark. Andrew kept track of the time and distance using Strava, a favourite mobile app among runners and cyclists. I decided not to carry my phone with me because of the extra weight but I’m thinking of purchasing one of those arm straps that hold your phone for you while you run. Pretty sure that would be a good investment.

Once we get more intense, we also are going to get those belts that carry mini bottles of water. INTENSE. I know!

The run itself wasn’t too bad – I thought I would die within the first 10 minutes but it wasn’t too bad. I felt pretty good around the 3km mark and we had a short rest during the 5km point. I never noticed the number of parks and closeness of suburbs in that area. One minute we’re in False Creek, the next thing you know, we’re skipping past Yaletown.

It was a nice scenic run with beautiful views. We ran around Science World (The TELUS World of Science), passed David Lam park, and jogged parallel to the parked sailboats in the water. Andrew just completed a triathlon on Sunday so his ankles and knee were acting up – hopefully nothing was strained…

Well, I’m grateful to have someone to run with me! My other running partner left for a 2-year trip to Korea to teach English. Although I am happy for him, it was hard for me to get back into running without someone pushing me. Hopefully I am able to follow through with the training each week. To prepare myself for the next runs, I have downloaded Strava myself!!


Strava’s welcome message is adorable – I can’t wait to start using it!

Leave comments on what you do to motivate yourself to run and let me know what other types of challenges I should prepare for during my 6-week training session!