So I just signed up for a half-marathon and this time, I am COMMITTED to following through with it! A couple of years ago, I signed up for two and injured my knee while training so I was never able to complete any.

The knee injury was a dumb mistake on my part – I increased my distances too quickly and was too stubborn to tell my body to stop running despite feeling a strong, burning pain on my knee (and ankles!). This time, I will be train much more safely and make sure to have FUN along the way.

I am happy to announce that my friend will also be running with me! Running partners are ESSENTIAL during training sessions – it is really hard to motivate me otherwise. I know I can run alone, but having a running partner is like having a magical fairy by your side – they will help you work towards your goals quicker and show you that anything is possible.

Tomorrow will be our first run together – can’t wait!! 🙂