Hey guys!


I should really figure out a better way to introduce my blogs because I’m sure I’ve used that several times already.

So what am I up to now? Well, I’m on Day 25 out of my 37-day trip to Europe and currently sitting on my Airbnb bed in Rome, Italy. Previously, I blogged whenever I was traveling (Australia and Southeast Asia) and would document my journey week by week (or at least tried to keep it that consistent). But for this trip, I wanted to keep things more simple and slowly enjoy my travels from city to city. I attempted to keep track of the details on my day through a notebook application on my Nexus 5 (that default yellow sticky note) and even on a small colourful sardine-patterned notebook that I bought from Lisbon, Portugal (Day 5 of my trip). Those methods worked for a little while, but my mind gets sidetracked when I travel and I rather let it wander and experience what is happening AT THAT VERY MOMENT without worrying to type it all down anxiously.

Despite not being able to remember EVERYTHING that has happened, I know I will blog about my most memorable experiences sometime in the future. For now, I will write my current mood at the moment.



To be completely honest, I was not entirely myself coming back from my exchange in January. It took me a few weeks (okay, maybe months) to get back in the zone and figure out how I was supposed to integrate back into society. I was once this self-motivated eager beaver wanting to take on every opportunity that my university offered, but after coming back to finish my last semester, I cut all extra curricular activities and focused on figuring out what I wanted to do after graduation.

Even to this day, I’m not entirely sure what my role is anymore. After exploring the other side of the world during my exchange, I feel like THERE ARE SO MANY OTHER OPPORTUNITIES OUT THERE. I want to tell the world that there is an incredible LIFE other than our regular life back home (home for me is Vancouver in case you are wondering). Back then, people would ask me what I wanted to do after graduation and I would be 90% sure I would take on a marketing role in Vancouver. The thought of applying for jobs outside of Canada was completely off the charts because that meant I would need a LOT OF MONEY to live a new life. Now that I have visited a number of countries, I have a better understanding what the cost of living is and how much more manageable it is to live abroad. Because the timing and priority is different for everyone (myself included), I won’t be working abroad soon but I know I will be trying it out sometime in the future!

For now, I will be working in another new and exciting role when I come back to Vancouver. I was incredibly lucky I was able to secure a job that started after I came back from Europe (thank you DJW for recognizing my talent and pushing me to enter the creative sector because you knew that is what will make me happy!). I am also extremely grateful for everyone who supported me on my wild decision to trek around Europe for 37 days. Just wanted to give out some recognitions for making this trip possible:

  • Momma – for packing my lunches everyday and providing me a roof to live under (you helped me save a ton of money!)
  • Dad – for all your tough love, telling me to follow my dreams and supporting ALL of my crazy life choices
  • DJW – for recognizing my talent and providing me with mentorship during times of terror and stress (aka life after graduation)
  • B, C, G, M, T – for always rooting for me and telling me to GO FOR IT
  • K – for always, always, always listening to me and not getting sick of my idealist goals

So to sum it up, I’m happy and grateful because of so many things and so many people! Here’s a quick list of what is making me happy at the very moment:

  • I was given the opportunity to travel.
  • Coming home, I will be starting a new job (a job I know I will ENJOY!).
  • I have the BEST support network.
  • I met incredible people while traveling and will cherish those moments with them.
  • I am not afraid of unpredictable opportunities and I know everything will work out in the end.

Well, it is time for me to stop the sappy blog post and start my day and EXPLORE ROME, because that’s what I’m supposed to do, right!?

See you soon and make sure to always do the things that make you happy.