After my recreation pass expired on April 30, 2014 (almost a solid 2 months ago), I stopped exercising and eating healthy. I vowed to not leave the healthy lifestyle but I did it… ouch.

Long story short, those past two months were incredibly miserable. I was suffering from post-graduate syndrome and spent countless hours seeking for employment and eating whatever I wanted… *shivers*. But FINALLY… I recently went back to the gym (last Tuesday) and guess what? I FELT GREAT.

I don’t usually weigh myself as I measure results through changes in body appearance instead of lbs or kgs, but that day I stepped on the scale just to see where I was currently at. I weighed about 115 lbs (okay, it was about 115.5 lbs .. hovering around 116, but who says I can’t round down?!). Anyway, I’m pretty sure I gained 7 lbs since coming home from my trip in January. Whoops.


Last week, I made a few tweaks to my regular schedule and forced myself to add more exercise into my life while eating a healthier diet. Here are the guidelines I followed (and will continue to follow moving forward)…


  1. Walk instead of taking the bus to the skytrain station. The average walk to the closest skytrain station is 17 minutes from my house. Last week, I stuck with this rule and did two walks each day – one for before work and one after. I began this routine on Tuesday since that was the day I thought of this rule. There were multiple times where the bus seemed like the better and more convenient option like when I slept in (whoops) or when it was pouring rain the day I decided to not bring a jacket, but I persevered and walked anyway. One morning, I even RAN to the station because I was so late – that run took me 11 minutes. If you tally it up, I added about 136 minutes (17 minutes x 2 times a day x 4 days) of exercise to my week. That’s over 2 hours of extra “moving” in my life!

    Lessons Learned: Sleep early and WAKE EARLY to avoid unpleasantly running to the station and sweating in your business casual work attire.

    Grilled fish and spinach (one of my favourite combos!)
  2. Pack your own lunches. Each day I prepared my own meal! The meals I created were super easy, consisting of only the sources I needed such as protein and vegetables. My mom usually packs chicken, rice, and some veggies for me (yes, my mom packs my lunches!) but this time, I skipped out on the rice and solely ate only the prepared chicken or fish plus a ton of spinach or other vegetables. Simple meals are the best because it takes barely any time to cook, so I didn’t have too much trouble preparing for this. However, if my mom decides to stop making chicken the night before, I may have to prepare these meals ahead of time to avoid splurging my money on take-out options.
  3. Wake up early and eat a hearty breakfast. I LOVE breakfast as I love eggs and anything paired with a good set of eggs. I’m not someone who is scared of the yolk so I still devour that too (heh heh…). Breakfast is all right for me, I pair the eggs with some meat or pack an avocado sandwich to go while I ride the train. I’m not too off with my diet but I feel like eating as soon as I wake up instead of an hour after I wake up would be more beneficial.
  4. Increase water intake. I am guilty for not sticking to this rule often. I drink water whenever I am thirsty but I feel like I should increase the amount much more because I end up drinking only about 3-4 cups a day. This one needs some improvement!

    Me after a sweat session!
  5. Get some exercise into your day! YES. I went to the gym right after work last week. I wasn’t following a training plan, so I don’t think my workouts were helping that much so I’m going to change that and rigorously follow one. I realized going to the gym (the gym in my work building) after 7:00pm is wonderful because there is barely anyone there! I am free to look like an angry beast while lifting weights without judgement – I like that.

That’s basically it. Other than that, I do cautiously find ways to add more exercise into my life like taking the stairs instead of the escalator or walking briskly instead of smelling the roses. But those are my main focuses for now. I realized SMALL steps is better than nothing… hopefully I follow these five simple steps and feel much better about myself later on.

Just a heads up, I will be documenting my progress for four weeks and then summarizing some lessons learned. I will make adjustments throughout the process and update this blog on my findings. Talk soon!