Guess who got the highest individual RAT score in class today!?!


So just to clarify what a “RAT” is… it is a “Readiness Assessment Test” aka a very daunting pop quiz!

I was surprised that blogging about those 4 .. err, 3 chapters just a couple of hours before class helped a ton!

RAT Scores
Individual RAT Scores from the last 4 quizzes

As you can see, I have the tendency to fail these tests. Yes, I told you I wasn’t good at these things! But haaaay, at least the last one (kind of) made up for it.

Despite getting a 37 out of 50, our Team RAT results came out to be 35. Team RATs are completed with 4 heads instead of one, so clearly, I didn’t speak up when I knew some of the answers. It’s funny how I zip my mouth up when three people are agreeing to one answer when I think it is another one. All of them said they read the textbook … so that brought doubt into my mind.

I realized that I question my actions whenever I am in a situation where I do not feel powerful or have authority. I think I need to be more confident in everything I do!! Gotta run away from those timid, quiet Asian days and show people that I know what I am doing.