Hi guys,

This week has been HECTIC. I slept at 3am on Tuesday, 3am on Wednesday, 2am on Thursday… and UGH. It’s been a busy ugly week. It was so ugly that I only got in ONE decent work out. In other words… I have to pay $5 in the pot this week. BOO!

Anyway, here’s the fun part of the blog… WHAT I DID THIS WEEK! Enjoy!!

Saturday, March 15, 2014 (Gym)

Since it was Spring Break for highschoolers, guess who took up half of the gym? Righty-oh! You guessed it! Tons of kids from the local school across the streets. I don’t know how often my youngest sister goes to the gym but I will introduce her to some weights soon. She’s already pretty active playing ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and basketball at her school, but I want her to be able to do more push-ups and more squat reps than her so-called “manly” friends.

All right, so here’s what I did at the gym…

Warm-up Cardio
5.5 incline / 5.5 speed – 10 minutes
5.5 incline / 4.5 speed – 2 minutes
5.5 incline / 3.5 speed – 1 minute

Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
1st set – 45 lbs x 9
2nd set – 45 lbs x 9
3rd set – 65 lbs x 9
4th set – 65 lbs x 9

Bent Over Rows
1st set – 35 lbs x 9
2nd set – 35 lbs x 9
3rd set – 45 lbs x 9
4th set – 45 lbs x 9

1st set – 45 lbs x 9 (bar only)
2nd set – 45 lbs + 10 lbs on each side x 9
3rd set – 45 lbs + 25 lbs on each side x 9
4th set – 45 lbs + 30 lbs on each side x 4 .. then another 4 (struggled!)


1. Make sure you read the fine print before starting to lift!

Something I was doing totally wrong (and nobody corrected me when I blogged earlier!)  was that I was doing FOUR sets with the SAME amount of weights. I didn’t read in the fine print that we were suppose to do TWO warm-up sets and TWO actual sets (heavier weights). Doh! After adjusting to this new routine, I’ve been liking weights a lot more. I used to struggle with a few exercises and not want to continue working out but now I understand why I was giving up so easily…  I was working my muscles out to the max! This only applies for the particular work out I was doing… not every work out is like this so make sure to read the fine print!

2. I love to sweat.

This is a given. The more I sweat, the happier I am. It means I’m actually working hard! Many people are afraid to sweat at the gym, but I could care less if I looked like a sticky hippo on a hot summer day.

3. Don’t forget to thank your supporters!

One of the main reasons I continue to keep myself on track is because I know there are people out there who watch my progress and help me keep accountable! Just wanted to give those fellahs a shout out for their ongoing support! KS, for pushing me to get my butt at the gym + educating me about form and discipline; TL, for challenging me to squat + deadlift more; NA, for being my drop-in class buddy; and of course, TeamWGF, for sending a gazillion Whatsapp messages about healthy living + fitness which motivate me to be fit 24-7. 😉

So that’s my update for the week! Thanks for reading and hopefully more Weaklings begin to blog, otherwise it will be another post about my life, ha!

OH! ALSO! Not sure if you were following my weight numbers but I could squat 105 lbs now! Remember when I celebrated the 50 lb squat milestone?! Well, here’s a new celebration!! Big thanks to Shen for standing next to me while I struggled to do this, haha!

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