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It’s been a while since I last posted, but to be fair… it’s been a while since a lot of the other Weaklings have written a blog as well! Thanks Lynn for breaking the WGF blog hiatus recently.

To all the other Weaklings: I challenge you to BLOG BEFORE SUNDAY. It’s about half way through the challenge and your fans are waiting to hear about your awesome adventures! Seriously, this site needs more content, haha.

All right! So what was I up to in the past weeks? Well… I was experimenting with a lot of different work outs, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Cardio Kickboxing (1 hour)
  • Zumba (1 hour)
  • Cardio Combo (1 hour)
  • Walking a friend’s dog (40 minutes)
  • Squats – 45 lb (bar) + 25 lb x 2 (on each side) = 95 lbs!
  • Stiff-legged dead lift – 50-60 lbs

I won’t bore you with the details of my usual weight workouts so I’m going to highlight my drop-in experiences for this week! Since I needed to add in more cardio into my schedule, I decided to attend some of the classes available at my recreation centre. Trying out different types of classes at your local recreation centre is less risky than committing to a whole year of a specific workout at a private company. How do you know if you will like the exercise or not? Might as well test it out before you commit, so I would HIGHLY recommend joining a group whenever you have some time!

The stories below only highlight MY experiences and do not represent every other class in these particular categories. I just wanted to give you my perspective and some information about these workouts!

Cardio Kickboxing

One of my favourite drop-in classes to attend. Not gonna lie – it’s pretty intense. Especially when they make you squat for an extreeeeemely long time. The instructor for this particular class at my local recreation centre is a hardcore military-style African man who isn’t afraid to yell at you when he sees you losing balance or out of sync. He singles you out in front of the class and publicly addresses your mistakes. It is slightly embarrassing sometimes (yes, I got yelled out a few times) but you know deep down, he yells because he cares. The downfall of “making mistakes” in his class forces the ENTIRE class to redo a set together until everyone is perfectly synchronized. A bit demanding sometimes, but it scares you into doing the correct moves.


It was my first time doing Zumba and boy was it fun! I felt like I was reliving my grade 7 hip hop club days where I danced to Missy Elliot and Eminem (wasn’t everyone in the hip hop club back in the day?). On top of dancing like a gangster, a large portion of the Zumba class was doing sexy salsa moves  – lots of hip twirling, hip thrusting, and spinning ’round and ’round. I felt quite feminine being able to “twerk” in a comfortable setting. The instructor looked like someone from S Club 7 – she was wearing a bright neon tank and neon track pants; was dancing with 150% effort; and had the hugest grin on her face the ENTIRE time. I couldn’t NOT smile when I watched her teach the moves. The only bad thing about the class was that the speakers seemed like they were about to break any minute. The volume was abnormally louder than usual and the music was cutting in and out a few times (probably due to the high level of volume). Highly recommended if you need a good laugh while you work out.

Cardio Combo

This class consisted of 9 (?) circuits with 3 different types of exercises at each station. Many people who attended this class were FIT and knew their stuff – what’s an angry slam throw? Anyway, imagine 27 (9×3) different types of exercises that involves equipment such as medicine balls, exercise balls, rope ladders, skipping ropes, and more! It was a bit overwhelming at first but I got used to switching to each station and figuring out what the heck I had to do with certain items. You do each exercise for one-minute, get a 15 second break, and then continue to the next exercise for another minute. OH MY GOSH. That 15 second break did no justice – I was out of breath for most of the time and ended up leaving the facility sweating like a warthog. Did I mention this workout made my body sore for 3 days after?! Well, it did.

In Summary

All in all, drop-in classes are entertaining and WILL make you sore. Don’t be the person standing in the back looking lost and unaware of what to do. If you don’t know something, ASK. If you don’t know something at the kickboxing session I attended, GOOD LUCK. Hahaha, I’m kidding. It’s not thaaat bad. I actually enjoyed all of these classes. Zumba didn’t make me sweat as much as I wanted to so I might just stick to the other two!

Thanks for reading this post. Let me know if there are any other classes that you would recommend!

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