It’s been about a month since I’ve returned from my 6-month adventure across the world and I still miss everything about it…

The people I met during my exchange to Melbourne still keep in contact with me and we still joke about how one day we will backpack in awesome places around the globe. Most of my buddies have caught the travel bug, like I did, so it doesn’t seem impossible to cross paths in the future. It just depends on where we will meet… New Zealand, Peru, Spain, Iceland… there are so many choices!

I crave to travel and often think about where I want to go to next. Since I’m the type of person who “goes with the flow”, I don’t have an exact plan on my next destination, but if there is a cheap flight out of Vancouver, then I’ll be on it!

Coming back home still feels a bit odd to me. Everything feels like it is happening ten times slower. I was so used to filling my days with crazy activities and maximizing the amount of “fun” while I was backpacking around Asia, so coming home to a comfortable house with my family and going back to school feels very different.

Fortunately, I recently got a job so that is keeping my schedule busy. I’m working in a position within an industry that is really new to me (bill payment processing), so it’s great learning a ton of new things each day. To be quite honest, it is extremely overwhelming learning so much at one time (acronym central!), but I know I will be okay soon enough. My boss is very patient and awesome and the people around me are super cool as well. If it wasn’t for my friend, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity to work at this great company (thanks BYan!).

Now with the new job, I have put into account that I won’t be able to travel as much as I would like to anymore. Maybe I was being a bit naive thinking I could travel wherever, whenever. Yeah, probably. However, it’s time to be a bit more realistic and begin being more responsible with my money. With graduation creeping around the corner, my student loans will no longer be interest-free so I will have to start paying the government back for being so generous to me during the last five years.

I’ll try not to be a party pooper and say no to every invitation that requires spending a bit of money. I just have to set a budget, make better purchasing decisions, and treat myself once in a while to something I enjoy. Traveling is something I yearn to do, but I am willing to save that for another time in the future.

For now, I will live vicariously through pictures and videos of other wanderlusters. I still have a bunch of video clips from my exchange to Melbourne and trip to Asia, so I might create a video compilation soon. One of my friends who traveled with me to Asia has already created one and I have to admit, I have already watched it five times. Man, I miss everyone so much… I didn’t think I would be so attached to traveling!

Let’s hope this semi-depressing lifestyle fades away soon. Gotta focus on the brighter side of things (awesome friends and family, a new job, convocation in June, and more)!