After landing in Vancouver, I had a panic attack.

A subtle one.

Not many people know that I stopped living my typical life when I left to study abroad. Now step-by-step I will have to re-adjust to my regular lifestyle as a university student. What are the differences? Well, here are some to name:

  • I stopped using Google Calendar, whereas before I couldn’t live without it and was constantly updating it with colour-coded events.
  • Twitter was out of the question. Australians do not use Twitter (they’re really slow at getting into trends…) and my Windows phone didn’t give me instant Twitter notifications, so I ended up neglecting this once-obsessed social media outlet. I ended up tweeting 3 tweets per month instead of the usual 50 tweets per day. See the difference? I let it go.
  • I barely used any other social media outlets – Facebook, HootSuite, LinkedIn. After coming back on my trip, I opened my LinkedIn account and there were heaps of new requests and even direct messages! I felt bad for not replying to a particular one straight away, but I guess it wasn’t that important as they didn’t try to contact me another way.
  • I stopped following news and everyone’s life back home. M’bad. I don’t even know what people (including my close friends) are up to nowadays. I guess that just means more coffee dates!
  • I ate out everyday. Well, practically every day. Sometimes two or three times a day. Nuh uh, not doing this anymore! My wallet can’t handle afford this atrocity.
  • I went out everyday. I was barely at home and was antsy if I was ever alone at home because I got bored often (darn extroverted tendencies), so I always used to call up my friends and go out. Okay, let’s be honest. I was still like this even before I left for an exchange. I was barely at home, but most of my time was spent at SFU or at work.

Okay, okay. You probably get what I mean by living a different lifestyle.

Another big thing I forgot was that the process of student loans takes weeks so now I won’t have money to pay off my tuition on time. Whoops.

Oh well, I just have to take it easy and take it one day at a time. I feel like I’m recovering from a concussion or something, but that’s a bit over-exaggerating. Slow and steady always wins the race – so that will be me for the next few days!

Recovering from jet lag, adjusting to university life, and reconnecting with my friends back home will be on my to do list for now! Wish me good luck!