sushiGuys! I’m back!!!

I’ve been back for about 24 hours now. The first half was spent on sleeping (3:00am to 11:00am) then a bit of blogging and eating (afternoon ’til 5pm) then headed on out to see my friends for the very first time since June!

Not sure if I’m experiencing jet lag but I think I will be okay.

So for tonight’s dinner, there were two options: Sushi California or Taste of Punjab. Those two restaurants are my go-to places when I need some comfort food and are great to host dinner parties at. I only go to Sushi Cali for the delicious Alaska rolls but today’s meal was mediocre and wasn’t as great as I used to think it was. Next time I might go somewhere more convenient like Sushi & Roll. I heard they have the best volcano rolls – ahem – actually, they DO have the best volcano rolls. Kevin and I are loyal customers and will probably head there sometime this week!

Taste of Punjab will be visited sometime soon too – I absolutely love their butter chicken (a classic!) and garlic naan. Stop it. It’s 2:04am and I am making myself drool a little!

Anyway, it was great seeing everywhere again! Not all of the kiddos were able to make it out today due to other prior commitments, but I know I will see the rest of my friends one by one. It was fun laughing with them and telling them stories about my trip. We joked about the way Aussies shorten basically every single word and have funny names for certain items. For example, sunglasses are called “sunnies” and swimsuits are called “bathers”.

Oh, Aussies…

I missed my friends and found out some of them were graduating this semester as well. Can’t believe we’re all getting old… we all met each other in first year way back in 2009! Oh how time flies…

Until next time!