It is currently 1:19am, Saturday, December 14, 2013. I am currently sitting downstairs in The Explorers Guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sitting alone in the dark in the main lobby trying to quickly type out a blog post before I head to bed. The people who I am traveling with have already crashed since we had an exhausting day, but strangely enough I am awake.

Throughout this trip, I wanted to blog so badly. I wanted to open my laptop at the end of each night and write a detailed description about my crazy adventures but having jam packed days make blog writing absolutely impossible. I tried my hardest to write posts in Singapore the first two nights but my mind and body was completely drained out due to the amount of activities we powered through. The next few nights were spent in Langkawi, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia where we spent the majority of the day exploring beautiful islands, visiting waterfalls, eating hawker food, splurging on cheap meals, and partying until the sun rose.

Not having internet on my phone also means I am unable to update my friends and family on my whereabouts. My social media updates have been zilch in the past week, so today is going to be the day I finally write about my trip! I will try my hardest to spill out my favourite moments but there has been too much going on that it is difficult to fit it into one post. It is hard to track back to the past days but I could surely do that in the future.

All right – here we go!


Our travel crew is a funny bunch and we have a fun, let’s-go-do-everything culture. Dan, Kate, David and I met each other through volunteering at AIESEC, a student-run organization at Monash University. We have only known each other for four months, but have developed a strong bond that make us inseparable; or as we like to call it, “needy”. Paul is Kate’s best friend and was invited to join the adventure as well. Although we have only known met him a couple of times before the trip, he fits in well and is always down to do anything!


Last week I hopped on a plane with my friend, Dan, to fly to Singapore from Melbourne before meeting with the rest of our travel crew in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We were only there for a day and a half so we made a list of things to do and powered through as much as we could. We ate hawker food in Chinatown, explored the extremely touristy Sentosa Island, took amusing pictures with the famous Merlion, hiked for about 2 hours around Southern Ridges, visited the many Christmas-decorated malls, watched the “Wonder Full” Marina Bay Sands light show, and drank a Singapore Sling at the place where it was first created – the Long Bar in The Raffles Hotel.

Marina Bay Sands
One of the many treats we ate at the nightmarket in Chinatown. This is a dessert that’s made with shaved ice, durian, red bean, and chendol (green, squiggly things).
We took a gazillion pictures with the Merlion. It wasn't as big as I imagined it to be but it was still amazing to see up close!
We took a gazillion pictures with the Merlion. It wasn’t as big as I imagined it to be but it was still amazing to see up close!
Dan doing illegal things in Singapore. Haha. We really needed to kill time that night…
Singapore trains
The benches of the trains in Singapore are shiny and bright!
We met up with our friend, Bev, for a bit too since she was staying with her family in Singapore at that time.
Southern Ridges
Walking along the metal bridge in Southern Ridges. All I recall is lots of trees and lots of sweating…
Southern Ridges
Dan is attracted to tall things and likes to climb them. This is a structure at Henderson Waves in Southern Ridges.
Orchard Road Singapore
Walking down Orchard Road, a strip filled with large shopping centres and tons of stores. It was raining that day so we bought a pink umbrella at Daiso for $2 SGD!
That pink umbrella was a life saviour while it rained cats and dogs. Here’s us being nutcases in front of ION Orchard.
Little India Singapore
We explored Little India but didn’t get to see much because it was getting dark. Walking through the streets of Little India on a Sunday evening was a bit overwhelming for me. The area was crowded and it was literally populated by 98% Indian men.
Indian Food in Singapore Little India
Eating dinner at a small restaurant in Little India – omnom. Pretty sure this was Chicken Biriyani!
Chilling in the “S” of some letter sculptures that spelled out “SENTOSA”
Dan made me try Rojak for the first time. It is fruits drenched in a sweet/salty sauce and sprinkled with peanuts on top. It was quite interesting. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I ate it again in Malaysia!
The bus ride from Singapore to Malaysia! This kid is always sleeping on transit rides.

DAY 3, 4, & 5  – LANGKAWI

On Monday morning, Dan and I caught a bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur (KL) where we were reunited with our friends from Melbourne. Kate and Paul flew in from Melbourne and David flew in from Indonesia. We dropped our large bags of luggage at Dan’s cousin’s house in KL, then headed to the airport to fly out to Langkawi.

Langkawi is very touristy and is a small island that is easy to travel around (if you have a car). We hired a car for 180 Ringgit (about $60 USD) for a day and a half and traveled to tourist attractions across the island. We ate a fancy seafood dinner, went island hopping, rode a long cable car ride to the top of a mountain, splashed through waterfalls, swam in a freshwater lake, and got attacked by wild monkeys.

We got to choose which crustacean got to be eaten for dinner.
Spoiling ourselves with a seafood dinner! Lobster, crabs, and jumbo prawns!
Oh you look so good, Mr. Crabbypants.
Langkawi Monkeys
Monkeys eating litter! David brought coconut buns on the walk to the island and monkeys were sprinting towards us. What an experience…
Island Hopping Langkawi
Island hopping! The boat took us to the “Island of the Pregnant Maiden” (that’s where all of the wild monkeys lived).
The travel crew before we jumped into the lake!
Cable Car Langkawi
Riding the Langkawi Cable Car 2.2km up the mountain! Ears were popping and David was screaming. Couldn’t stop laughing inside this small, confined space.
Cable Car Langkawi
Took pictures at the top of the mountain before the rain started to come down!
Beautiful Langkawi
More pictures at the top!
Waterfalls Langkawi
The photographer told us to do something other than smiling so this is what we ended up choosing to do. Note: We saw so many waterfalls on our trip, this is just one of them!
We used the 10-second timer to capture this shot. Dan had to run to the group without tripping into the river!
Roti Langkawi
I ordered something called “Roti Boom Langkawi” and I couldn’t figure out what was in it but it was sooooo good! Tasted like a mixture of sweet condensed milk and kaya!
Walked on the bridge to get to another waterfall. We had fun jumping on it even though we were probably not suppose to do that.
There was no “AWAS” (Warning) sign so I crossed this underdeveloped walkway.
Remember the no smiling rule? Here’s us at Durian Perangin Waterfall!
The shiny, small violet car behind us was our hired car for the day! Best decision to rent a car because we were free to do whatever we wanted!
We’re on a boat!! ……… To Penang!

It is hard to fit everything into one post, so I will write more and post more pictures later! My mom has been nagging me to post something on Facebook or on my blog, so this post is dedicated to her! Sorry mom for assuring you that I am alive, healthy, and safe through quick small chat and not pictures. I hope this will be okay for you!

We will be in Kuala Lumpur until the 16th then catch a plane to explore Laos! I’m so excited to head to Laos, but I’ll have to be lugging my rolling luggage around because I still have all of my bags from living in Melbourne for five months. Oh the life of an exchange student…

Hopefully I have more down time to post more, see you later!