Today I almost had a heat stroke.

Okay, maybe not. But oh man was it HOT today in Melbourne! Not sure what it feels like outside since I’ve been trapped indoors at work for about 6 hours, but I look forward to being punched in the face by the sun rays once I take my first step outside.

Work was all right today. I’m less motivated to do work because 1) I resigned. 2) I only have 4 more days in Melbourne. 3) I don’t know when my official end date is.

I originally took this position on because I needed some money to travel, but then I liked the job so I was considering stay on board longer (another year?!). What was I thinking…

I eventually came to my senses and decided it was best to go back home to graduate because I only need to finish 3 more courses and then KABAM! I’ll be done. THEN I’ll be free to do whatever I want without (too many) restrictions. Let’s hope so.

Here’s a picture of what I am currently suffering through:

Melbourne WeatherSee?! Heat stroke, I tell ya!

There’s not really a point to this blog post other than I am writing this to entertain my friend who is stranded in Indonesia. Apparently he enjoys reading these things.

Hi David!

Fun fact: He has been telling everyone he is from Malaysia instead of Canada to avoid being kidnapped.

Good survival method, eh?

Hahaha – sorry Dave. I spilled your secret. Please forgive me πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoyed this post!