In just two weeks, I will be in a whole new continent; one that I have never explored. This beautiful place is called Asia. More specifically, I will be traveling to Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Just five months ago, my travel experience was limited and the only two countries I have stepped foot in were Canada and the United States of America. After taking the leap to come and study in Australia, the opportunities to travel abroad seem endless. Traveling within Australia is inexpensive due to budget airlines (thank you Jetstar and Tigerair!) and visiting Asia is much more accessible from Australia than Vancouver!

On top of being able to cross off some countries on my bucketlist, I will be traveling with some of my best mates whom I met in Melbourne during my exchange! It’s incredible (and a bit hilarious) that we were able to pull this off, but I couldn’t have it any other way! These people have been an important part of my exchange and being able to travel with them overseas is going to be pretty epic.

Later on the trip, we will be separating but my boyfriend and one of my best friends from Canada, will be joining the adventure!! Everything seems so surreal, but now it’s time to plan out the nitty and gritty details.

Here’s what I have to do before I board the plane in a couple of weeks:


  • Buy travel insurance
  • Add extra weight to check-in (for David)
  • Visit doctor and get vaccinations
  • Buy plane tickets
    • Kuala Lumpur to Laos
    • Laos to Hanoi
    • Hanoi to Saigon
    • Saigon to Taipei
    • Taipei to Melbourne
  • Pack my bags and hope it meets the weight requirements
  • Pack my extra bags and store it at my aunt’s house
  • Research and plan out the trip to Vietnam
    • Contact my aunt in Vietnam and arrange airport pick up
    • Arrange activities in Vietnam with Nhu
    • Apply for Vietnam visa
  • Research and write bucketlist activities for Singapore, Malaysia, and Laos


  • Work as many hours as humanely possible
  • Remind boss I am leaving for Asia
  • Figure out international co-op placement details
  • Visit Canadian embassy to inquire about the Australian Working Holiday visa
  • Carefully read and sign a contract


  • Spend as much time with exchange friends before we separate
  • Buy souvenirs for family back home and relatives in Vietnam
  • Cancel gym membership
  • Avoid spending money
  • Drop classes and inform teachers I will not be enrolled in their classes

Wow! What a mouthful! It’s currently 2:46am in Melbourne, so I have probably missed a few things from this list. Though I’m sure those will keep me busy throughout the weeks! Asia trip is just around the corner – whoo hoo!!! Can’t wait. ๐Ÿ™‚