Today I woke up to the pitter patter of the heavy rain fall and cringed at the dreadful Melbourne weather. You would think I would also cringe knowing that I had an exam to write that morning, but today was different. It wasn’t just any exam, it was my first exam at Monash University.

Regular Monash students are familiar with the exam procedures since they have been doing this for quite some time already, but walking into the exam room was different for me since it was my first semester there!

Differences from writing an exam at Monash University vs. Simon Fraser University include:

  • Writing the exam in venue that is not your regular lecture room. We wrote the exam at Caulfield Racecourse, which was located right across the Monash Caulfield Campus.
  • Being assigned a seat number. Back home we walked into the exam room and sat down wherever we wanted to.
  • Sharing the exam room with another class. One side was for Marketing Management and the other was an Environmental Sciences.
  • Receiving “Reading Time” – a slotted time where all you can do is read. We had 10 minutes of reading time before we wrote our exam, but our exam was short enough that even 5 minutes would have been sufficient. (Oh, marketing management…)
  • Being able to use the washroom without an escort. If a student needed to use the toilets at SFU, an invigilator would kindly walk by your side to the washrooms.
  • Being able to snack during the exams. I’m not sure if SFU allows this?
  • “If your phone goes off, you will be fined.” Not too sure if “fined” means “penalized” or having to actually pay a fine. If it’s not the paying option, then SFU has the same rules.
Each person gets their individual desk with their assigned seat number on it.

During reading time, I realized all of the questions were identical from the “Final Exam Review” we received from our lecturer. I thought the lecturer would change a few numbers here and there, but I guess he felt like being really nice to the students…

I ended up finishing the exam in less than 90 minutes (it was a 2 hour-exam) and spent about 20 minutes twiddling my thumb. Thank goodness I did the practice questions! I didn’t want to leave the room because it was cold and wet outside, so I waited for the time to pass. I realized I looked a bit goofy sitting there with my exam papers folded up while barely moving, so I ended up leaving because I didn’t want to wait any longer.

I waited for Ben outside and we ended up celebrating by eating some grub at Chadstone (not much of a celebration, but food is always good regardless).

Let’s hope the other exams are also relatively decent to write. 8 more days until I’m free!!!

It was brutally cold outside but at least one’s done! Two more to go πŸ™‚