To my most adorable friend from the Basque Country… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

10 reasons why Laura is awesome

  1. She’s itty bitty and tinier than me.
  2. She has a very mature-quirky-sarcastic-funny-friendly personality.
  3. Her and I like to make fun of Andrea.
  4. You can’t mess with her – she’s from the Basque Country.
  5. She makes good sangria.
  6. She won’t say no to a party.
  7. She’s my closest neighbour out of all of my exchange friends (~15 minute walk).
  8. I could always depend on her when I need a place to crash.
  9. She’s good with directions and navigating her way around the city.
  10. She will visit me in Surrey one day because she’s a fan of burning trees*.

laura1I will truly miss this girl when we go our separate ways, but I know I will see her again in the future! Can’t wait to see you (and Andrea) when I visit you guys in Spain!!! Save the best tapas for me please πŸ™‚

* one of the first pictures that came up when Laura googled “Surrey” (my hometown) was of a burning forest. No surprise there!