I noticed I blog more often when I want to procrastinate, so guess what I’m doing right now?

That’s right.

Refusing to absorb any more knowledge from today’s study session and taking this moment to relax and ponder.

So hello everyone – long time no blog!

Tomorrow I have my Marketing Management exam that is worth 50% of my grade. My goal is to pass *fingers crossed*. As an exchange student, you tend to do the most minimum work in order to succeed since your GPA does not transfer over. Many of my friends are in the same situation but there are some folks who do not have this luxury.

Something I noticed about myself is that I do really well in things I enjoy. For example, I had an amazing experience in my e-marketing class and ended up getting HD’s for all of my assessments. (HD = “High Distinction”, which is the highest grade in the marking scale). I like to tell myself I got A+’s for these assignments, but an HD is in the “8-10” range of a 10-point scale. The wonderful assessments were:

Either I’m wickedly smart or the Australian marking system is flawed. Kidding. I actually really enjoyed the class, my lecturer, my new blog friends, and the new content I learned. Maybe I’ll become a digital marketing guru later on in life, but that’s for another time…

Other updates include… GETTING A JOB(S)!

I added in the plural version because I worked one day as a “graphic designer” and that was the end of that.

If YouTube tutorials on Photoshop didn't exist, I would have not survived on my first (and last) day as a freelance graphic designer.
If YouTube tutorials on Photoshop didn’t exist, I would have not survived on my first (and last) day as a freelance graphic designer.

This is what happens when a poor student sees “casual work”, “marketing”, and “start ASAP” all in one job description. I apply for these random jobs to get quick cash because I can feel my bank account getting light. (I mean… it definitely is getting light!)

There is money sitting in both my Australian and Canadian bank account, but I prefer to keep those as emergency funding. As for now, I have been in a weird situation juggling jobs and studying for exams. The company I am involved with at the moment made me go through two rounds of interviews, one day of “trial” (paid work/training), and a couple of days of actual work. They are still in the process of hiring someone as their “marketing intern” *fingers crossed again!* so I will update you once they tell me “yay” or “nay”.

For now, I am trying my best to not stress out about jobs and to focus on the more important things at hand – passing my final examinations.

Oh, the life of an undergrad – you gotta love it.