My brave boyfriend coming to Melbourne with only a rain jacket, t-shirt, and shorts.

During Spring break, my boyfriend came to visit me (yaaaaaaaaay!). I imagined it would be an awesome adventure full of unicorns, sunshine, and rainbows, but we were faced with an unfortunate event…

Wait… no. MULTIPLE unfortunate events…

Halfway through the trip, the cruise company lost his large, metallic luggage – the only piece of equipment that contained ALL of his belongings (including his laptop!) Ouch…

Fortunately he still had his passport and wallet with him, but knowing that your luggage is lost somewhere automatically stresses you out!

To make things worse, I was pretty disorganized when he arrived and did not plan exactly where to go and what to do to make the best of his time in Melbourne. I had a major assignment due that week that was worth 50% of my grade for one class so I tried my best to work on that without him noticing (while he was sleeping or on our plane rides). However, not working that assignment before he arrived definitely stressed me out and affected our trip.

Kevin also experienced Melbourne’s public transport system, which is incredibly horrifying at times. During one of our trips to Monash, the train delayed for almost an hour due to a fire at the Dandenong railway station. Out of all of the days, THAT had to happen?

I learned a lot about myself and a lot about him during that trip. I learned that I’m horrible at event planning and having a spontaneous personality does not make it better! If I wanted to be a better tour guide, I would need to make a list of tourist attractions and places to go, so it would be easier to follow instead of “thinking of places in your head.”

Opera House

When we visited Sydney, we didn’t have set plans but we followed a tourist map that showed us the main attractions. It was given to us by the receptionist at the hostel so it showed us a lot of budget-friendly activities and cheap places to grab a bite to eat! Using that map to maneouver our way through the city was really beneficial and we were able to see most of what we wanted to see!

One of my favourite parts of the trip was when we made our way to Sydney’s Botanical Gardens. It was the perfect day to relax and rest under the beautiful blue skies, so we spent our afternoon happily napping on a grassy field. Sometimes we fill our lives with so much stress and busy activities that we tend to forget to let our bodies and mind rest. Lying on the field made me realize how much I appreciated nature, life, and the guy lying beside me. Even though I stress him out often, I’m happy he has chosen to stick around me (haha!).


Although there were some hiccups during the trip, I still had an amazing time traveling with my hunky boy. We will be seeing each other in about 2 months time somewhere in Asia. We’re still planning it out but it’s been narrowed down to either Taiwan or Vietnam! Can’t wait to see him again. Wait, did I mention how difficult it is to maintain a long distance relationship? Hm, I’d have to write a long blog post about that soon!