The Mr. Crazy Stalker Story

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to be a keener and stay at Monash Clayton until the library closed at 12am. Kate offered to drive me home so I didn’t have to worry about catching the last train home (you rock, Kate!).

Being hungry students, we decided to grab some food before heading home, so we parked a couple of blocks away from my place and grabbed some fried chicken to go! Since there was no point of driving 30 seconds to my door, Kate and Ben decided to walk me home while we indulged in the fatty goodness.

Mid-way through the walk, a man decided to follow us.

Imagine a man wearing a long, dark olive trench coat with shoulder-length scruffy brown hair. Yeah… creepy!

We thought it was a bit strange so we intentionally passed my place to avoid showing the man where I lived. We crossed the street to avoid the man and sat on a bench temporarily. The man then began to pace back and forth across the street and even stared at us eating fried chicken at one point. It was a bit uncomfortable because we didn’t know what the man was doing or whether he was mentally sane, so we decided to just walk to Kate’s car.

During our walk, guess what happened? Yes… the man began following us!!! What in the world was happening?! This has never happened to me before so I didn’t know how to deal with it and thought it was a bit funny.

Luckily we entered the car safely and was able to escape from this insane person. Kate began driving her car and said, “Kim. You’re sleeping at my place tonight.” Then Ben called the police to report this suspicious activity. Everything happened so quickly so I couldn’t really comprehend the situation, but one emotion I felt was fear.

During the next few days, I was too scared to go back to my place (I lived alone) and felt extremely paranoid. I didn’t understand why that man began following us. I wondered if he saw me walking home previously since it was a bit strange to see a small, Asian girl entering a retail shop late at night. I wondered if I actually had a stalker. My friends and I joked about it afterwards, but we concluded that there were often strange people lurking in that area at night so I should not be roaming around during that time. I am usually cautious when walking home at night, so I was really beating myself up wondering what went wrong.

The 6 Sleepovers

For the next six days after that incident, I decided to not sleep at home. I visited the place during the morning and grabbed essentials (clothes, laptop, pjs, and toothbrush) but didn’t have the courage to sleep there.

I know, I’m a big ol’ scaredy cat.

It was probably a “one off” thing but I felt more safe living with other people temporarily. Here’s what my week looked like!

Playing with kittens at Laura’s house

1st night, October 17: Kate’s House (Clayton)

Spent the night watching YouTube videos (funny) and a documentary about Melbourne’s infamous serial killer, Chopper Reed (not so funny)

2nd night, October 18: Laura’s House (St. Kilda)

Caught up with exchange friends over sangria and wine at Laura’s house. Played with cute puppies. Fell asleep while everyone else went to find a place to party. (LOL! Grandma mode activated.)

3rd night, October 19: Aunty’s House (Lysterfield)

Told aunty about the crazy stalker guy. She advised me to carry pepper spray or a loud horn if something like that ever happened again (scary!). Slept happily on a queen-sized bed.

Comfy bed at aunty's place
Comfy bed at aunty’s place (includes pjs and a robe)

4th night, October 20: Aunty’s House (Lysterfield)

Celebrated the end of AIESEC with the ER folks at Dan’s house. Then got dropped off at my aunty’s place in Lysterfield afterwards. Slept happily on a queen-sized bed once again!

5th night, October 21: Kate’s other House (Narre Warren)

First time at Kate’s house in woop woop (Australian term for “countryside” or the “outer suburbs”). Munched on licorice and lollies while attempting to finish our homework. Homework time epically failed and we ended up staying up until 3/4am talking about life, relationships, and traveling (the usual!).

Dan's gift - a Canadian koala?
Dan’s gift – a Canadian koala?

6th night, October 22: David’s House (Clayton)

Stayed at the Matheson Library at Monash Clayton until 12am. On our way out, David offered his place for me to crash at. (What would I do without this other Canadian?)

On the seventh night… I decided to return home.

Since AIESEC Victoria’s Rewards and Recognition night was the day after, I decided that I needed some beauty sleep at my own place before the big day. I still didn’t have a dress so I was planning to run around the city and prep. Going back home wasn’t as bad as I thought it was and life seemed to be okay at that point. The next day, Kate crashed at my place (after RnR) so I felt safe with her beside me!

The following weeks, I slept at my own place for the majority of the time but I did bunk at other places as well. I don’t think I will ever feel safe living there… oh well. At least I learned that I rather have roommates than live alone!