In a month, my friends and I will be soaking up some sunshine in beautiful ASIA! More specifically, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, and wherever else we decide to go!

Since we will be wearing summer clothes and lounging around in our swimsuits for most of the trip, everyone is determined to get a “beach body”.

It has always been a struggle for me to exercise consistently so we all decided to participate in a communal challenge.

The Rules

  1. Every time someone goes to the gym or participates any fitness activity (tennis, running, swimming, etc.), they get one point.
  2. Points will be tallied throughout the month of November.
  3. Whoever gets the most points in the end wins!

One person pointed out that alcohol consumption disrupts the road to a healthy lifestyle, so we added another rule recently: when someone drinks (alcohol), they will lose one point. (Not sure if we were serious about that one, but it definitely will help us achieve a fitter body sooner!)

Let’s hope this game motivates us and forces us to stay fit! Good luck to all!!