Yesterday I went to Café 232 to celebrate Chu Kien’s birthday! Chu Kien and his family are one of the many groups of people I have met in Australia that I consider as “family”.

The last time I was at Café 232 was also with Chu Kien’s family. Although this place had “café” in its name, I would not consider it solely a café. It is actually a restaurant that serves quality Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, and the café aspect is just a minor portion of it.

I loooove eating there because the food is top notch (at least I think so) and everything tastes so fresh.

Cafe 232

Cafe 232

Even though you would get full off sharing a couple of dishes, you simply cannot stop eating because the food is too amazing to leave cold and uneaten.

Of course a birthday celebration cannot be complete without some good ol’ cake, so we brought a couple of cakes out near the end of the night.

One of Chu Kien’s nieces made a beautiful fruit cake and it was literally made entirely out of fruit!! The base/core was watermelon and the decorations around it was made with grapes, honeydew, strawberries, and blueberries! I’ve never seen a cake like that before so kudos to her for her invention!


When they told me they bought an “ice cream cake”, I imagined a cake similar to the ones we buy back home from Dairy Queen. However, it was exponentially prettier and tastier than our DQ cakes! The ice cream cake was made out of cookies and crème, mint chocolate, and mango (?!) ice cream. OH MY GOODNESS.


I didn’t taste the yellow ice cream hence the question mark after “mango”.



Myself, Nhu, Binh, and Doris!

After the birthday, we went back home to Chu Kien’s place to watch a horror film because that’s what all the cool kids do on a Friday night. Binh, Nhu, and I chucked in “Insidious” and watched that horrific, demonic movie before we went to bed. I’m usually easily frightened but watching Binh and Nhu twist and turn during the scary scenes made me laugh, so the movie was more of a comedy to me.

All in all it was a good night! Visiting Nhu and her family is always fun. It definitely makes me homesick when I’m around them because I’m surrounded by people who remind me of my family (listening to obnoxiously loud aunties and uncles, speaking Vietnamese, and eating heaps of Asian food).