Last Thursday was AIESEC Victoria’s Rewards & Recognition Night 2013! This event gathered all of the AIESEC teams in Victoria (Monash, Melbourne, and RMIT) to celebrate this year’s accomplishments.

Kate and I prepped at her place and it felt like grade 12 grad all over again. We even ran outside to take pictures once we were dolled up.

Beautiful Kate and I!
Beautiful Kate and I!

I was really close to buying a dress but then I remembered that my aunty gave me a bunch of dresses when I arrived, so luckily there was one in the pile that was elegant enough. Although I’m not a big fan of sequins, it was too pretty not to be worn!

We then picked up Sidney and David and drove about half an hour to get to Mel’s house for … more pictures. 🙂

Sid, myself, Kate (taking pictures while waiting for David to get changed!)
Strutting a nice tan, I know.
“Graduation” photo by Mel’s pool! Trying our best to smile and not accidentally falling in it.
Silly billy bunch!
And here’s us pretending to fall (so cheesy, but so good).

After, we called a couple of maxis (taxi vans that can hold up to… 12 people?!) then off we went to the venue!

I went a bit psycho during the beginning of the night because I couldn’t find my camera. I asked everyone where it was but nobody could give me a clear answer, so I was panicking for a bit. However, later on someone finally returned it (curse you, camera stealer!) so I was at peace for the rest of the night.

Bathroom pictures via a phone. Classy as.

The night was good. There were speeches, presentations, dances, and of course food! Food was like any other banquet food, but I’m happy I got the battered fish plate because I adore fish & chips!! Dessert was just as delicious even though I saw a lot of untouched dessert plates (since everyone was too busy talking and running around)! If I wasn’t full, I would have demolished as many plates as I could (I really need to learn some self control).



I didn’t get to take too many pictures with my camera, but here are some from the night!

The boss and I – Mr. Daniel Loke, Outgoing VP External Relations.
Happy ER kiddos – Myself, Mel, Dan, and Dave

AIESEC has definitely created an impact on my life. I have met my closest friends through this organization and I am so glad I took the step to join the club at Monash when I got the chance.

Although this night was the last, official AIESEC event, I know I will see these faces later on.

Next adventure? ASIAAAAA TRIP! 😉

**NOTE: Will update this blog with an AIESEC Monash group picture once it’s been released!**