Pecha Kucha

For our e-marketing class, our professor challenged us to present a Pecha Kucha. A Pecha Kucha is a special type of presentation that contains 20 slides that play for 20 seconds per slide.

Back in Vancouver, Pecha Kucha is HUGE and the top entrepreneurs and change makers were the ones presenting these inspiring presentations, so I jumped on the opportunity to create my own Pecha Kucha experience.

Last week I asked my friend what her thoughts were on presenting a Pecha Kucha and how I should prepare because I remember that she presented one not too long ago and she said, “START NOW.

I underestimated the amount of effort and time I had to put into this presentation and procrastinated a bit, even though she warned me not to. Luckily I managed to create a presentation on something that I truly love and my “passion” was shown throughout the entire 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

The company I presented on was a brand that was close to my heart – Purdy’s Chocolates, a leading chocolatier in Canada. I have had a lot of fun and memorable interactions with this company both offline and online and simply wanted to share that with my class!

Purdy's Twitter Convo

A quick summary of my presentation can be found on my digital marketing blog: Pecha Kucha: Why Purdy’s is My Social Media BFFL

It was a really fun and exhilarating experience being able to present in front of my lecture. Spending my afternoon watching my peers present their Pecha Kuchas was also pretty entertaining as well.