IMG_1368Last Sunday, the AIESEC External Relations (ER) team and I took the SLAP interns, Carolina and Zahra, to Healesville Sanctuary!! As members of the ER team, one of our responsibilities is hosting “servicing events” for our international interns so they could feel welcomed in Melbourne!

In the very beginning we asked them, “What would you like to do in Australia?” and both of them enthusiastically yelled out… “SEE KANGAROOS!!!”

Since Healesville was the only decent zoo in Melbourne that contained all of the “wild, Australian animals,” we knew we HAD to take them there!

Carolina and Zahra enjoying their time with Mr. Healesville! (That’s actually not his real name.)

During our trip, we put our tourist caps on and took pictures with anything we could find!

The happy bunch on a lizard statue.
The happy bunch around a yellow sign.

Going to the zoo was actually a bit costly.

Admission fees for students were $20 and if you were to feed kangaroos or take pictures near the koalas, you would have to pay $12 PER ANIMAL. (e.g. $12 to feed the kangaroos and another $12 to stand near a koala) … What a rip-off!!

However, after evaluating our options, we ended up choosing the kangaroo feeding activity! Might as well be a tourist while you can!

It’s kangaroo-feeding time!
Why don’t they eat MY leaves?!
Dan feeding the ‘roos efficiently.
I’m standing awkwardly because I was scared that the male kangaroo behind me was going to attack. (We weren’t allowed to feed the male ones!)

Not only were we able to feed the kangaroos, we also got the chance to watch a bird presentation called “Spirits of the Sky“. It featured a variety of Australian bird species including beastly hawks, cute owls, and funny-talking parrots!

Polly wants a cracker!

There were also fuzzy, wuzzy koalas climbing trees and munching on eucalyptus leaves!

Don’t know why this one looks particularly evil…

All in all, the day was great! The weather was gorgeous and the interns loved their time at Healesville! However, one thing that will forever be remembered are the crazy pelicans.

NTS: Do not stand near pelicans. They will feel threatened by your presence, snap their huge beak at you, then start chasing you ’til you shriek like a little girl. (True story.)

WARNING: These guys are nothing but DANGER.