So my goal was to lose my belly fat before my boyfriend came to visit me in Australia… and whaddya know…. IT’S STILL THERE.

I was pretty motivated when I got here in July but then LIFE HIT ME IN THE FACE and I became busy with work, school, and volunteering. I used to have this “no excuse” mind set and was pretty disciplined, but the Australian culture got to me and I became way too comfortable and relaxed with my current lifestyle.

Now that he is coming in four weeks, I need to step up my game and work on whatever I can lose now. 

Let’s go over some RESULTS since I landed:

  • I currently weigh about 48-49 kg (~106-108lbs) which is AWESOME because I was around 50 kg (~110lbs) before landing here and a wonkin’ 58 kg (~128lbs) a couple of years ago (truth!) – Will show progress pictures after I reach my goals. 
  • I bought 3 new pairs of pants from The Gap before coming here because I needed clothes that fit and now they have become slightly looser on me (what?!). Two of them were size zero and the other was size double zero. I don’t understand how I fit a size zero because I honestly haven’t worn that size since the seventh grade! (I swear Gap sizes are weird!)

And NO, I am not anorexic or whatever. I’m a tiny human being with a height of 5’2.

Haha. Yay to my mini accomplishments, but let’s get back to the hardcore goal.


Healthy-30-Minute-Meals woman-training

Honestly, I do not know the answer to that. What I do know is that I NEED to be consistent with my workouts and really start disciplining myself to eat healthier meals!!

Must Do’s for the Next 4 Weeks

  • COOK MY OWN MEALS (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
    Here’s the extremely simple version of my diet. I know I will add other fruits, veggies, and protein when necessary.
    BREAKFAST: oatmeal + berries
    LUNCH: chicken + spinach OR avocado chicken salad
    DINNER: chicken + spinach
    SNACKS: carrots, cucumber, celery + hummus OR fruits (banana, apple) OR cottage cheese + tomatoes
  • AVOID TEMPTATION (or eat itty bitty pieces of it)
    No more bakery goodness (good bye delicious meat pies and warm croissants)
    No ICE CREAM (ugh, losing my best friend…!!)
    NO ALCOHOL (or again… “itty bitty” sips. Haha!)
    And the last one… say no to fancy smancy dinner requests! I will try my best to be polite and reject their offer but when I cannot say no to a certain situation, I will be sure to order the most healthiest meal on the menu
    Squats, deadlifts, rows, benchpress… print out a work out plan and stick with it! (My friend, TL, created one for me but I left it in the dust so I always feel guilty for not using that one!)
    On the days where my body does not feel sore… At least twice a week!
    ALWAYS carry around a water bottle and drink as much water as possible (seriously, it works!)
    Get 6-8 hours of sleep per day! Don’t sleep late or wake up grumpy!

I’m not too sure what else I should add onto this list but those are the BASIC but hopefully USEFUL tips I will be following in the next few weeks. Oh my gosh. I am starting to panic. WISH ME GOOD LUCK!