Today is my one-week anniversary of living in Melbourne!

Many people have no idea what I have been up to and it will probably be pretty hard to put it all into words, but I’ll try my best to describe my current situation!

So health-wise, I am sick. I have a runny nose, a sore throat, and body shivers all over. I’m currently hunched over my laptop crossed-legged on a rolly chair wearing a set of teddy-bear pyjamas that I borrowed from my aunty. Layered on top is a thick cotton white and blue bathrobe that I also borrowed from aunty (she is too sweet!). I’ve only been sick for a couple of days now, so luckily I spent the other days checking out the city.

I tried making honey lemon tea, but I couldn’t find honey so I made lemon tea with a bit of natural sugar (whatever I could find in the kitchen!)

During the past six days, I visited large metropolitan malls, sipped on cups of cappuccinos in trendy cafés, visited family friend’s businesses (bakeries and retail stores), met dozens of great people, and even made a trip to the hospital.

I realized I don’t have that tourist instinct where all I want to do is take pictures. Even when I do take pictures, I neglect the camera I bought (whoops) and just use my Windows 8 phone (Lumia 710) that I borrowed from Brian. However, a blog ain’t a blog without some decent pictures so here are some shots I found on my camera:

It’s Disneyland! Nah, just a cool looking church in Melbourne.
Inside Federation Square (Fed Square)
Leaping through Hosier Lane, one of the many alleyways in Melbourne that displays wicked street art!
Some statues around Fed Square… this one looked quite funny.
Another one! This time they are playing leap frog.
Melbourne has an obsession with this cute characters… You can find them all over transit vehicles and are good warnings to not jump in front of a train.
Pretty sure I captured this shot during rush hour. Look at that crowd crossing the road!

Here are some shots from the Lumia 710:

Fed Square during the night
Pseudo Eiffle Tower (overlooking the South Yarra River … I think?)
Another shot of night time in Melbourne

To summarize, Melbourne is a HUGE city and I still have not visited most of the tourist attractions. Luckily I’m here for another four months so I will be able to check out everything this city has to offer (or as much as I can!).