Dear Kimberly,

I am pleased to advise that your application to attend Monash University as an Exchange student has been accepted and to offer you a place commencing shortly. 


When I read this, I didn’t know how to react. I was expecting a call from Shen to say goodnight but he was busy brushing his teeth at that time, so being my impatient self, I immediately ran upstairs with my laptop (don’t know why I brought my laptop…) and entered the living room with the biggest grin on my face in front of my parents.

Me: Guess what!?! *smiles*

Mom and Dad: What?

Me: GUESS!!!

Mom: You’re going to Australia, aren’t you? 


I would usually scream and jump for joy but it was 10:30pm, so some people were already sleeping in my house. But in all seriousness guys, I’m going! I’m going! I’m going!!!

I feel very relieved now that I don’t have to check my inbox every hour for the acceptance letter. I can finally go forward with making actual plans! Though the wait and application process was a bit frustrating at times, patience finally paid off. Can’t wait to start my journey and finally take my first international flight!

Monash University, I hope you are ready for me because here I come!!!