Tomorrow I’ll be catching my 7am flight to Toronto!

From May 6-8, I’ll be going to the Enactus National Exposition but during the extra days there, I’ll be traveling with friends in the area. Before booking my flight, I didn’t know where I would be staying and going on those extra days but luckily through connections from past friends, I managed to find a place to stay (yay for not being homeless!).

I’m excited for this mini excursion as we will be exploring Mississauga, Toronto, and Montréal! I’ve never explored Mississauga so that will be new; been to Toronto a couple of years ago for the same event (loved seeing taxis everywhere I go!); and haven’t been to Montréal since my high school exchange in ’07 (I don’t recall a lot because I was only in Montréal for a couple of days since my host family lived in Québec City.)

Although this adventure will only lie within a week, I’m super stoked for this experience!

As for the competition, I’ll be cheering for the Enactus SFU team!! The nationals team has spent months preparing for the competition so I can’t wait to see them rock it. Of course, we are bringing another team with us – the Financial Literacy Challenge Regional Champions! These folks have had my support from Day 1 as I helped coach the team with Aamir when they first got recruited. It’s been great to see them grow and mature (even though we spend most of our practices laughing). It’s been a fun ride and it will all come to an end next week! I’m sure the team is happy to be free from long meetings and practices (harhar) but I know they had an awesome experience.

Wishing the best of luck to everyone in the competition (but mainly to the two teams from SFU since I gotta cheer for my school!).