So I have been keeping my Australian exchange trip on the downlow from many people because it hasn’t been officially confirmed. The percentage of me going is > 90% but the slight percentage of not being able to go still bothers me. Therefore, I haven’t been letting myself get REALLY EXCITED about the trip and my planning process for the exchange is ZILCH. I told myself that I wouldn’t do much research or look into buying a travel VISA or anything until I officially get the acceptance letter.

However… this is NOT how I want to live. If I know I will be able to go…. why can’t I embrace that fact? Why am I letting myself restrict my emotions and excitement? I think it’s because I do not want to build a sense of attachment to the exchange. I don’t want to get excited and then be let down if the plans don’t work out.

This negative feeling is affecting the way I do things, so I think it’s time for me to create some CHANGE. I recently gave my sister some advice before she nervously went for her co-op interview. I knew she had the motivation, skills, and FIT for the job, so I didn’t understand why she was so nervous. I told her that she should be confident in her abilities and then shared one of my favourite life quotes:

“Your desire to succeed should always be greater than your fear of failure.”

After I told her that, I realized that I wasn’t even taking my own advice. I had been living in fear for quite some time. Fear of not being accepted. Fear of making mistakes. Fear of plans not working. Fear of change. It sickened me that I was not being my regular happy self so I felt like I had to do something about that right away.

So now… instead of moping around and wishing everything would be okay, I’m going to have a positive attitude and outlook on life and embrace whatever opportunity floats my way. I will excitedly talk about my future plans to go to Australia and be more proactive in doing more research on the far away land of Oz. This blog will be filled with more thoughts about my trip so GET READY!