Watershed Park

Another running adventure! This time we took the road down King George Boulevard, made a right on 64th Avenue, and ended up at a place called Watershed Park.

Don’t know how MX finds these places, but I have to give him kudos for it!

My fondest memories of this place were running on camel-humped BMX trails, leaping over piles of horse dung, and climbing treacherous dirt hills. Pretty sure any runner could have avoided these obstacles by sticking to the original route but MX and I decided to create our own running path to spice things up!

There were also small ponds with salmon / tadpole fishery information signs and happy families walking through the trails with their children and animal companions.

My goal was to see an equestrian enthusiast in action, but I didn’t get to see any galloping horses! (Maybe next time!)

Start time: 9:35am
Finish time: 10:40am

~1hr of good ol’ fresh Delta air!