Last Saturday, MX and I ran about 10km around Barnston Island.

Where is Barnston Island, you ask? That’s exactly what I was thinking when MX told me we were running there.

According to The Pulse, Barnston Island is situated on the Fraser River, in between Pitt Meadows and Surrey, BC and has a quaint, serene community of less than 200 people.

That definition is basically spot on but if I were to describe this place on my first visit, I would say that it’s an island located in the middle of nowhere that’s populated with zero humans and a whole lot of farm animals.

Okay, I might have been a little bit over dramatic when I say “in the middle of nowhere” but I’m quite serious about proportions of animals and people on the island!

Throughout our entire run, we did not meet anyone walking on the trails or even sitting on their balconies to greet us, “Good morning!” The entire island was deserted and full of abandoned houses, large barns, and a ton of farm animals. Not only did we befriend goats, horses, cows, and cute dogs…. we saw a llama!!! Who keeps a llama in their backyard!? I was amazed to see this creature and felt like I was at a zoo so my first reaction was to quickly run over to get a picture with it. Unfortunately, my overwhelming amount of energy scared the poor guy so it walked away. (Grr!)

To compensate, I got a picture with a cow (MX says it’s an ox but I still think it’s a cow…).

Barnston Island
Hello Mr. Cow!

I forgot to mention how sketchy it was to ENTER the island. MX parked his car beside this industrial mill building and we made our way to a sign that said, “WAIT HERE FOR FERRY.” I was wondering where the ferry was but I realized the “ferry” was a mini tugboat pulling a barge. It’s basically a ferry that’s made of a metal plank with no windows and no doors…. What?! And to top it off, the person who was guarding the ferry was a plump man wearing sunglasses and stood there casually smoking. Err… okay. I put my full trust in MX so I pretended that I didn’t mind the worker.

Barnston Island - Ferry
Me standing on the moving ferry!

Though I was very skeptical at first, the run itself was amazing! I’m glad we decided to visit the island around 7:30am when nobody was awake yet because there were few distractions and noise during our run. Running beside the Fraser River was serene and looking at the fog hover over the vast farm land was a magnificent sight. Although the smell of manure was prominent and the guard dogs were howling, none of those things really bothered us as we were both determined to reach the end of the destination. (Though MX actually likes the smell of manure after working in Agassiz for co-op).

Barnston Island

If you ever get the chance to visit this hidden gem, GO FOR IT! This is a must if you are a runner seeking for a quick adventure!