Despite coming home late last night from a St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I still went for a morning run with MX because Saturday is RUN DAY!

Today we ended up cutting through Hawthorne Park and making our way to Green Timbers Park in Surrey, BC.

Even though the weather looked cold, wet, and muggy, I really did not want to wear my usual running tights so I decided to change up my attire and whip out my favourite pair of running shorts. The temperature outside was about 7 degrees Celcius so it wasn’t too bad running in my shorts. In fact, I prefer running in shorts whenever possible! It felt liberating to run with less clothes even though it was raining buckets!

When we arrived to the Green Timbers entrance, we discovered about half a dozen of runners training and circling around in the parking lot. It was fun to greet people who were just as soaked as us. We usually only see a few people when we run on pavement so now we know where the rest of the “family” is hiding!

In the end, we finished a total of 55 minutes of running through the wet forest and muddy trails. Both of us were completely drenched but it was well worth it!