Whenever it’s pouring rain outside, I usually stick to indoor workouts. Why? Because…

Rain will get me wet.
Rain will make me cold.
Rain will ruin my work out.

However, I realized that those were all unacceptable excuses so today I decided to man up and run in the rain.

Back in high school, my cross country coach would make us run in any weather – rain or shine. He would even make us run when we were sick because he claimed that it was good for us. I didn’t question him because he is one of the most fit and healthiest people I know…and he’s over 60 years old!

See? I used to run in the rain, but I don’t know what happened to that…

Anyway… today’s run was surprisingly awesome. Running in the rain wasn’t too bad.

As long as you’re dressed for the weather, you will be fine!

I ended up finishing 8 km and visiting a friend on the way! (Sage lives the closest to my house so he’s usually the one getting spontaneous visits from me…)

Sage and Kim

The one thing I would do differently is to AVOID PUDDLES. I have to admit, I had fun pretending I was an Olympian jumping over hurdles whenever I leaped over a puddle. However, I would recommend walking around the wet areas to be safe. I tried “gently” running over some puddles but that backfired and got my runners soaked.

Now that I know running in the rain isn’t too bad, I might do it more often! Heck, I might even buy a head lamp for running in the dark! (Another new experience!)

Be happy it’s not snowing!