Yesterday, the boy and I went to Richmond to watch planes land and take off. It was too cold to sit on the benches outside so we watched the planes fly from inside the car.

Fun Fact: Ever since I was young, I have always LOVED looking at planes flying in the sky. Flying internationally has been something I’ve dreamed to do (I haven’t traveled outside of North America yet!), so that’s still lingering on my bucketlist. Hopefully, I will be able to cross that off this year as I applied to go on an international exchange *cross fingers*. 

Happy Boy
The boy pretending he’s a plane in Richmond, BC.

After our mini adventure, we decided to visit Bubble Queen since we were already in Richmond. Bubble Queen is known for their crazy flavours of bubble tea ranging from Ferrero Rocher to Kit-Kat to any-type-of-chocolate-bar-you-can-blend. I’m horrible at describing places, so I recommend that you just read about them on Yelp.

We quickly looked at the menu and although I was planning on ordering a hot drink due to the intense chills outside, I ended up choosing something that I thought could satisfy my sweet tooth. I couldn’t leave the place without trying something new, so I chose the “Orange Kit Kat” bubble tea.

During my order, the cashier asked me, “Did you want milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate?” I was surprised they offered all of those flavours and impulsively said, “White chocolate, please!” (I know… I picked the most fatty choice but hey! I was craving it…)

When the drink was ready, they handed me a large cup of orange slush. I told a sip of it and thought it was the SWEETEST THING EVER. Aka… it killed my taste buds. I even asked them to put half of the sugar amount into the drink (they offered that choice), but even then it was way too sugary!

Orange Kit Kat Bubble Tea
Orange Kit Kat Bubble Tea (With white chocolate Kit Kat bars!!) – A Diabetic’s Nightmare

To conclude, I will NOT order any more overwhelmingly sweet drinks. It will NOT “satisfy your cravings” and will definitely not lead you to living a healthier lifestyle.

Sometimes, simplicity is the best choice. Water is the way to go. Just say no to bubble tea and other disgustingly sweet concoctions and you’ll feel much, much better afterwards – trust me.