Something that I have always wanted to try out is yoga.

Recently, I visited a friend and noticed that she slimmed down a lot. She told me she was attending yoga classes and that it “changed her life.”

My only memory of doing yoga was during my 10th grade all-girls gym class. I recall it was my least favourite activity because it was slow and boring. (I prefer cardio work outs because that pumps up my heart and gets me hyped up quickly!)

However, a couple of weeks ago, the opportunity of doing yoga came up as Groupon was offering a 10-session pass for only $19 (original price: $99) at Robson St. Yoga. I contemplated whether or not to buy the deal but the main selling point was that it offered classes right after I got off work and the place was only a 7 minute walk from my office. And c’mon… it was only $19! That’s a good price to have a “taste” of what yoga’s all about!

Last Monday (January 14) was my first class. I walked down Robson St. to try to find the studio and realized the address belonged to “Robson Public Market.” Strangely, the yoga studio was located on the second floor of the market. Right across from the studio was a food court with rows of shops lined up. I didn’t really mind it but I thought that was a bit odd to have a yoga class there.

Robson Public Market
The yoga place was on the second floor of a public market.
Robson St Yoga
The entrance of Robson St. Yoga. You could leave your shoes, bags, jackets on the outside of the sliding doors or use the free lockers behind the room.

Practicing yoga wasn’t as boring as I remembered it to be, but I clearly stood out as the “yoga noob” in the class. Every time I thought I doing the correct pose, the instructor would come up to me and correct my posture. Maybe it was because I was sitting in the front row (and probably distracted everyone else from concentrating?) Who knows…

What I learned from the first class was 1) I am not flexible (not as I would like to be…) and 2) My body shook A LOT because… I am NOT flexible. You know that feeling when you are doing a plank and your body begins to shake uncontrollably because it wants to give up? Yeah. That’s how I felt during the simple stretches…

The environment wasn’t ideal for a good evening of yoga either. The room was overcrowded with yogis and I unfortunately couldn’t do any stretches leaning towards the left side because I would end up hitting the wall. (Awkward!)

Fortunately, my second time was much better as there were less people and more space to stretch!

Although it was a new learning experience, I’m not sure if yoga would be something I would continue doing. Of course I will finish my 10 sessions, but I’ve been recommended to try out Power Yoga or Hot Yoga (Bikram) to increase my heart rate and have a better work out.

Hopefully my experiences will get better from here – look out for more updates!



  • Yoga mats provided (free to use)
  • Lockers provided (free to use)
  • Easy to walk to / easy to find
  • Instructors care about you! They will help you when you look distressed (like me!)


  • You don’t sweat!! (Okay fine…I should probably visit another session other than the “After Work Flow Yoga”)
  • Space is really small. Any class with over 10 people will not be enjoyable.
  • Windows are tinted, but you can still see people passing by. It does not feel private enough. Note: If you are easily distracted, don’t sit by the windows.