Today was a really lazy day for me.

I woke up at 1pm, lounged around in my bed, ate “breakfast” (aka my first meal of the day) at 3pm, lounged around again, and then planned to head to the gym around 5pm for my daily work out. Don’t judge me guys, it’s winter break. I don’t usually spend my days like this!

Unfortunately, I had to be my sister’s chaffeaur for the night and drive her to her friend’s house so I didn’t have time to head to the gym. Oh well, it’s not the end of the world. I just had to work out at home.

I decided to pick a cardio/fat-burning work out video. The video I watched REALLY worked your cardio (see above) and got me tired pretty quickly. I wasn’t sure whether I was suppose to watch this video once or play it several times. Usually the instructor tells you, “Do this 3 times a day and you’re good!” but this particular instructor did not mention the number of times it should be played, so I decided to do it three times to have a nice one hour cardio session. Big mistake.

Note: These home work out videos are new to me, so I’m learning the do’s and don’ts along the way!

After the first session, I was already tired. My heart was racing and my face was already drenched in sweat! The second time I did it, I did all of the moves with more power and energy, so I could feel the burn even more. I had to run upstairs to the kitchen to grab some water because I was exhausted and ended up chugging down two tall glasses of water.

Third time, my legs felt like limp spaghetti. My legs were already sore from yesterday’s work out, but I ignored it and just continued to follow the video. Half way through the video, my mind kept saying, “When is it going to end?!” Then shortly after, I tripped over my own foot while doing a side to side step. I don’t usually trip over anything but I was losing focus because my mind and body was so tired. The trip made my right ankle ache a bit through out the rest of the work out, which wasn’t that pleasant.

Suddenly, the upper left part of my back got sore. It was a strange feeling but I continued to exercise because I knew the video would be ending soon. After finally completing the third work out, I asked myself, “Was it worth it?”

Although I have to admit, it was worth it because I got an hour of cardio in BUT it would not have been worth it if I had injured myself along the way. Next time I try this video, I will probably just do it once or twice instead of three times. Or… maybe spread the work out through out the day instead of doing it three times in a row. (Yeah, that’s probably the mistake I made.)

To conclude, do not overwork yourself even if you really want to get that hour of exercise in! My exercise session was not properly planned out and I almost injured myself. I’ve already learned that mistake from a previous “excessive work out” incident and do not want to experience it again. I learned that being fit takes time. It is often better to do things the right way at a gradual speed than doing it the wrong way. Trust me, your body will thank you in the long run!