Here are some of my goals during this Christmas break:

  • Work out for at least 30 minutes/day
  • Finish my international exchange application
  • Write a couple of useful blog posts
  • Keep my room tidy
  • Organize my finances and make a budget plan
  • Finish designing a restaurant menu (side project)
  • Buy a domain and create a personalized website
  • Get some reading done
  • Write emails everyday to a boy in Taiwan (heh…)

That’s about it. I’m not that extravagant during the break, especially since I’m trying to save up for an exchange trip! These are just some of the things that I have been trying to do but working full-time got in the way. Hopefully some of them will become habits after the break is over (e.g. working out – I need to continue that!).

Good luck with your goals and may you have a wonderful winter vacation full of productivity and JOY!