Yesterday I visited the oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth extracted!

Being someone who hates the sight of blood, flesh or anything to do with the insides of the human body, I was extra paranoid and nervous for this day, so I did a ton of research before heading into the surgery room.

Before the Wisdom Teeth Extraction

I booked my appointment three weeks ago and soon after contacted EVERYONE I knew about their wisdom teeth experience as well used Yahoo Answers and forums to read MORE stories. Some had horror stories, some barely experienced pain, and others were happily living in their 20’s and didn’t even have to get anything pulled out.

My colleague said she woke up in the middle of the operation but her surgeon told her to go back to sleep, which she did. She didn’t feel anything and was happy with her experience (no pain, no swelling and went to grab pizza with her friends later that night).

Another friend extracted all 4 at once and suffered big time. He experienced hell for two weeks and couldn’t eat anything other than soup, congee, and soft foods. It was painful and swelling and he did not want to get out of bed.

Doing all of this primary and secondary research just built up my fear as the days would pass. Then the day before came and I was stoked on getting it done. Originally I intended to get all 4 done but my parents advised me to only get one or two done. I was really stubborn and told them the dentist said it would be best to get all 4 done, but it was weird because none of the teeth ever bothered me. I tweeted out how excited I was and then the day finally arrived.

The Big Day

My appointment was scheduled at 1:00pm, Friday, December 14, 2012. It was a good time and day to have it as they advised to schedule it on a Thursday or Friday to get rest over the weekend. Luckily, my boss let me work at home for the day so I didn’t have to do a 2-hr commute roundtrip from work.

At the Office

As soon as I entered, I told them I only wanted to extract two teeth out instead of four. The receptionist looked pissed off and her eyes looked directly at me with a “Why the hell didn’t you call beforehand?” type of look. I tried explaining to her how my parents felt uncomfortable with having all of them taken out at once so she said, “Okay,” and revised the invoice. I had to wait an extra 25 minutes to get all of the invoice changes made and also had to wait an extra 15 min because the dentist was busy with another patient (I think he skipped over me because I was taking too long at the receptionist desk).

In the Surgery Room

Finally, the nurse called me in, sat me down on the dentist chair, and put tubes in my nose for oxygen. The oral surgeon soon came in and told me to stretch my arm out and make a fist so my vein is more visible to inject the anaesthesia. I sat there nervously because needles gross me out. Luckily the needle was small (about 6 inches) and didn’t hurt much (just a poke). However, the doctor didn’t quickly take out the needle… he got tape and plastered it on my arm!! I couldn’t look at the rest so I just moved my eyes to look at the ceiling.

I asked him, “Do I fall asleep right away?” and he told me, “No, we didn’t give you the drugs yet.” Then I thought to myself, “Then what the heck is that needle doing there just chilling on my arm.” I don’t really remember the rest. I think this is the part where I passed out.

Waking Up After the Operation

As soon as I woke up from the dentist chair, I felt groggy and tired. I asked the nurse whether they took out my teeth yet and she said, “Yup! Everything’s done. You’re all finished!” That’s when I was like “Whaaaat? Really? How long did it take?” Nurse replied, “Only 10 minutes. It was a quick and easy operation.” I could still feel the effects of the drugs but I tried my best to not fall back asleep so I kept talking to the nurse and asking her questions. Then she led me to a room where I could get some rest before my ride came. I passed a room and saw someone sleeping in there so I assumed there were multiple, individual nap rooms. I was holding onto the nurse’s arm during the 4-metre walk and sat in the bed.

The nurse told me to sleep for 20-30 minutes so I nodded my head and got tucked in with a warm, blue blanket. As soon as she left, I felt like a rebel and decided not to sleep. I immediately grabbed my phone and started tweeting and texting. (Oh, the social media world has taken over our lives!) It was funny because I was still drugged up, so during this time it was the equivalent feeling to “drunk texting.”  I was texting people and happily writing, “Yaaaaay! It’s over!” and texted my boyfriend, “I’m done! Come pick me up!” in which he replied, “Okay, okay… Coming!!!

Cam whoring in the patient waiting room. Gauze on one side, finger gadget on the other (it was measuring my pulse).
Ain’t this so cool?
Post-Surgery Instructions that I couldn’t really read because of my groggy state.

Going Home After the Operation

“You’re not suppose to talk!”

For some odd reason, I felt like the most bubbliest, talkative person after getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. I couldn’t stop talking and telling everyone …. everything. Luckily, there was no pain or much swelling so I wasn’t really affected by the operation. Pretty sure from all of that talking, my stitches would be torn out by then. Oh well. But hey, in my own defence…. I didn’t read or hear anyone tell me not to talk, so it’s all good!

Resting at Home

My boyfriend was the DD for the day so he drove me home and made sure I took all of my medication. They gave me anti-swelling pills,  antibiotics to avoid infection, and some T3s for the pain. My dad brought home some congee and chicken bits and I ate that with no problem. I was careful to not eat anything too hot, but it wasn’t painful to eat at all.

Medication and some gauze.

Apparently I was suppose to rest but I didn’t feel like sleeping. I ended up spending an hour on YouTube and Twitter and then decided, “Okay fine… I’ll just take a nap.” I passed out for two hours and woke up at 7:50pm. I was actually suppose to go to a Christmas party that evening but was going to decide whether I felt okay after the operation. In this case, I felt perfectly fine so I called up my boyfriend and said, “LET’S GO!!”

Going to a Christmas Party on the Night Of

Yup. I ended up going to a Christmas party on that very same day. There was minimum swelling, pain, and tiredness. I felt like it was any average day! When I got to the party, I loaded my plate with mashed potatoes, potato salad, chicken nuggets, pakoras, perogies and all the good stuff. I ended up eating everything and not sticking with just the the mushy and liquid items. I don’t know whether I was allowed to do this, but I ended up treating my operation as if it was nothing. Still – there was no pain from eating all of these yummy food and I was really fortunate to be able to eat whatever I wanted.

Something I forgot to mention at the very beginning was the two teeth that were extracted was the top and bottom ones on my right side. If I got both of the bottom ones or both of the top ones, I don’t think I would have this luxury to eat whatever I choose.

Christmas Party
The only picture I found on my phone at the Christmas party. I promise you, I’ll upload more later.

Going Back Home

I got home around 12am and took some more medication. I’m probably going to avoid taking the T3s because there isn’t any point of those when I don’t feel any pain.

In summary, I had a wonderful experience taking out my wisdom teeth. I can’t believe I scared myself so much before the surgery and built up all of that unnecessary anxiety. Thankfully everyone went well and I assure you – getting out your wisdom teeth will not be as bad as you imagine it to be!