Sister and I at Rec Centre
Up & about and ready to dance our butts off!

Last week, Trini and I decided to check out “Cardio Dance Combo” at our local recreation centre. I imagined it being populated with middle-aged ladies working up a sweat like the people in those cheesy work out videos.

Entering the room was already a fun experience. We walked into a room that had its speakers turned up on full blast, pumping in upbeat dance music. The instructor was a short, overwhelmingly happy and energetic Korean lady who was already doing a warm up in front of the class before it was time to start (I think she was trying to remember the moves that she was about to teach us).

When 9:15am hit, Jade (the instructor), turned to the crowd of eager dancers and told us the “rules of the class”. It was the usual “follow as much as you can” and “take breaks when you need it” but the most memorable one of all was the last one, “And the most important rule of today is that you have to SMILE!!!!!! Whatever you do, you better be SMILING while you do it!” The energy of the ladies in the room heightened and everyone was much more excited to start the session.

She walked over to the sound system and changed the warm up music to the first song.

As soon as the song started to play, Trini and I immediately locked eyes because we knew exactly what was going to happen in the next few seconds.

We knew the beat.

We knew the song.

We knew that we were about to experience one epic choreography session.


Gungnam Style
Gangnam Style Man at his finest.

Holy crap. Hands down. Best cardio workout ever.

Non-stop laughter throughout the entire lesson. We had sooooo much fun learning that in the small amount of time we were there and would definitely recommend this workout group to anyone looking to have a LOT of fun!

Not only did we learn Gangnam Style, but there were also many different types of dances taught at the Cardio Dance Combo class. We did some hardcore hip-hop moves, shook our hips during a Salsa session, and happily sweated through a crazy Zumba portion. It was a super fun class and I would definitely go back again!

Our awesome instructor teaching us the real way to do the Gangnam Style!

Note: If you do not know what Oppa Gangnam Style is, then I would like to invite you to come out of your rock and watch this. You can thank me later.