Today I woke up well rested and excited to start my first day at work! I’ve never had 9-5 Monday-Friday sort of job before so I was really excited to get a taste of what it would be like to be living in the “real world”.

Although the commute was long, the job is totally worth it. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy and excited to go to work before. Here are some reasons why this place is super, super cool:

  • My co-workers are the most craziest and funniest people I’ve ever met. Weird, eh? I’ve only met them once!! Actually, this is my third time speaking to my boss. First time was over the phone for a screening interview, second time was during an in-person interview and third time was today! And each time I speak to her, I learn something new and cool!
  • Location? Downtown Vancouver, baby! Ever since I was enrolled into business school, my goal was to get a job in Downtown Vancouver. Why? Because it’s THE place to do business in BC. Downtown Vancouver is the hub for industry professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs!
  • I get my own desk. C’mon guys, this is a pivotal point in my life. Be happy for me!
  • I’m surrounded by hard working individuals. My mandate in life is to surround yourself with good people – people who will motivate you to be better and grow to your potential. I feel like this is the perfect company to help me develop new skills and personally develop myself!

But of course, not every job is perfect. Something I realize was that I was the shortest one there! Oh well, that just gives me an excuse to go heels shopping! And I also noticed that I don’t have a large selection of business wear… so yay! More shopping!!

Other than that, everything looks pretty rad. I can’t wait to start some projects and make valuable contributions to the company! Here we go!