My last blog was about 2 whole months ago! Incredible! You are probably thinking….what the heck was she doing during that time? Well, here’s a quick summary:

  • Worked as a full-time summer camp instructor. Oh no, it wasn’t a volunteer position. It was a Monday-Friday, 8-4pm constantly on the go type of work! Bam, 40 hours per week of my life gone like that. Fortunately, it was an enjoyable job because my co-workers and the campers were just as crazy as me.
  • Studied 2 summer courses. One group-based entrepreneurship course that forced us to develop the bestest product alive (yes, I said bestest) and one extremely dry and dull communications course that asked me to sit in a quiet room for 2 hours and “observe” my surroundings. (….fun.)
  • Physiotherapist said I should rest and stop running. Most depressing thing to hear….ever. This happened after my knee injury (running for 2 hrs straight) and I was basically unmotivated to do any physical activity after he told me that. Probably the worst decision I made this summer was to stop being as active as I were before. Pretty sure I gained 5 pounds. But oh well, I WILL be more fit in September. How can you trust I will do this? Well… my blog posts will be updated more frequently about physical activities and YOU can keep me accountable for my actions 🙂
  • Worked behind-the-scenes for two non-profit organizations, One Big Movement and The Social Media Network. At OBM, my colleague and I spent countless hours developing an amazing educational mentorship program for an elementary school located in Downtown Eastside Vancouver. We are launching it in September (very soon!) so we are looking forward to that. At SMN, I recruited a marketing professional to speak at one of our speaker sessions. Gotta spread the social media love!
  • Summer extras: Demolished strange and sweet concoctions at the Richmond Summer Night Market, hiked 4 hours up a mountain to see the beautiful Garibaldi Lake, danced until my feet hurt at a friend’s wedding, and stayed in bed for one whole day because I caught some deadly flu.

And that’s my summer in nut shell! I will probably write some blogs in detail about some of my experiences this summer but I wanted to update you on what I was up to at the current moment!

garibaldi lake
My visit to Garibaldi Lake – one of the more relaxing summer moments.