Ask me to come out to play a team sport and I will hesitate and try to make an excuse to not show up.


Volleyball? Hands are too small and fragile.
Basketball? Dribbling while looking up seems to be difficult for me.
Soccer? I don’t know whether I’m suppose to kick with my left or right foot.

Basically… as a youngster, I did not excel at team sports. I could run long distances ALONE (if you’ve been keeping up with my blogs!) and play badminton (two people on the court is enough for me!) but for some reason, I did not see myself doing so well in a group setting.

As much as I would like to rant about how I suck at sports, that’s actually not completely true. I can hit, catch, throw when needed… I’m just not the BEST at it. I think the real reason that I don’t want to play in a team is that I’m very self-concious about my skill level. Because I’m not as competitive as some players, I feel like I’m bringing the team down. So that’s where my problem lied and that’s why I was hesitant on playing sports when people invite me out.

However, after today’s sports night I realized that skills DO NOT MATTER. Moreover, sometimes the LACK OF SKILLS makes the game even more enjoyable!  What do I mean when I say this? Well, I learned recently that if everyone was perfect and played in tip-top manner then the sport would be boring. What makes it memorable and fun is when someone gets injured, misses a catch, or slides in a disastrous area of wet grass. Those are the moments in life that we need to cherish. Those are the moments where we can look back and laugh at because we were acted like a bunch of fools.

To sum it up, please do not miss out on opportunities to grow and learn because of what you think people may think of you. You are YOU for a reason, so show the world what you’re made of (even if you do suck at sports… 😉 !)

Also, a very special thanks to the person who consistently nagged me to come out to play today! Although it was a bit out of my comfort zone, I learned that I can have a ton of fun if I just try something new!

Disclaimer: This blog is referring to sports played with a group of friends who want to have a jolly good time – not those played at the Olympics where skills do matter!